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halls gap art wall.

Our latest project is a 37 metre long Halls Gap Art Wall.

With the Grampians National Park as it's backdrop, the Wall is our interpretation of the Six Seasons of Gariwerd (Grampians). This wall is our tribute to the robustness of life in this region throughout the year, which serves as inspiration for our art. This project will showcase a range of skills and mediums from our local Artists and is set to be a major drawcard for Halls Gap.


GWANGAL MORONN (Late March to June): Sunrises, bees and flocking

CHINNUP (June-Late July): Cold, cockatoos, early wildflowers

LARNEUK (Late July to August): Nesting birds, changeable weather

PETYAN (Late August-mid November): Wildlife and wildflowers

BALLAMBAR (mid November-late January): Warmth, butterflies, wetland plants

KOOYANG (Late January-late March): Parched landscape, eels, bushfire risk



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